Purpose of CRUX

Bridge the gap between science (research and education) and the private and public sector in order to accelerate the development of high quality digital services and products.

Key Facts

  • A Utrecht University (UU) endorsed research center for User Experience (UX) driven by scientific data.
  • The Netherlands’ national UX expertise center.
  • Intrinsically interdisciplinary (i.e., combining computer science, psychology, and design).


Knowledge Transfer
1. Connect

The CRUX network connects science to the private and public sector in order to exchange ideas, knowledge, and trends and to collaborate.

  • Collaboration between the private and public sector, knowledge institutes, end users, initially from the Netherlands, later extending to the EU.
  • Connect scientific disciplines like computer science, psychology, industrial design engineering, graphics and communication sciences.
  • Organize events like an annual symposium, seminars, thematic workshops, brainstorm meetings.
2. Innovate

CRUX aims to develop research methods, software, and/or hardware, which is then jointly tested. Together, CRUX participants become partners in national or European project consortia, with financial support from programs such as Horizon2020, ITEA3, and INTERREG.

  • Develop innovative methods and digital solutions and provide access to the latest technologies.
  • New network for knowledge institutes, increase of PhD students and equipment, resulting in the generation and application of state-of-the-art scientific knowledge.
  • Higher impact setting the CRUX agenda (to attract funding for R&D projects).
3. Knowledge Transfer

Exchange of knowledge, expertise, and, possibly, lab facilities.

  • Develop UX MSc courses to train potential UX students, personnel, experts, and researchers.
  • Share information sources and knowledge regarding trends, new methods, etc.
  • Exchange of human talent (e.g., students, scientists, and entrepreneurs) within the CRUX network to contribute to knowledge transfer and to attract, and retain talent.