CRUX office

Supports innovative subsidy applications in its three domains: big data, internet of things, and health. This includes:

  • an always up-to-date overview of interesting subsidy calls
  • support in the preparation of a project proposal
  • and support in generating a network of project partners.

CRUX research facilities

Access to the CRUX labs, including:

  • Apparatus (e.g., eye tracking, motion tracking, and Virtual Reality devices)
  • Software (e.g., R, SPSS, and MATLAB)
  • Information sources (e.g., books, articles, and manuals)

CRUX education programs

  • Participation in graduate courses on UX, pattern recognition, data mining, and many others.
  • Possibility to let supervised student groups execute private and public partners’ software engineering projects.
  • Execution of CRUX BSc and MSc graduation projects.