Participant Network


Participating in the CRUX network means having the opportunity to acquire innovative knowledge on data-driven user experiences. With the rise of Big Data, the Internet of Things and (personal) Health science our participants are facing a new realm of user experience challenges. Challenges on the edge of user experience design, data mining and business innovation that they have not been able to solve yet.

By joining the CRUX network our participants seize the opportunity to be in the forefront of solving these challenges. The joint efforts strengthen their R&D capacities and business innovation. This will give them the edge over their competition in the next step of the Internet. 

Admission criteria

We welcome new participants who wish to join in creating an evidence-base of future UX solutions today!

The CRUX network expects all participants to:

  • Support the CRUX purpose
  • Welcome cooperation with other partners in research projects. Note: sharing of data and IP is not required.
  • Have a significant and active participation in CRUX research projects.
  • Be interested in short and long term (> 1 year) subsidized research projects.
  • Have a track record of significant investments in R&D.

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